Kristin Finke

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The first lady in the fixed backlight team is Kristin. After her studies in Darmstadt and an internship at the Beethovenfest 2016, we took the chance and routed her from the Rhine directly to the Elbe. Since the openings of Elbphilharmonie and Pierre Boulez Saal and Kristin’s associated intensive cooperation with the security authorities, she has the unofficial title “Frau Finke vom BKA”. In the backlight headquarter, however, she does rather BND-like secret service and provides almost unnoticed for tidiness and smooth procedures. But also on tour our artists appreciate these original-backlight characteristics: act in the background, work in the foreground!




Magister thesis topic:
On the musicality of language and linguistics of music.


Part of the backlight team since 2016.